Monday, August 22, 2011

Small fixes on Monday morning

On Saturday and Sunday I did a little coding, and installed the new version before leaving for work this morning.

When an user tries to save a filter list twice with the same name, and error message is now displayed. It turns out that a lot of users press the "Save as new list" button after making any changes to the existing list, and end up with 20 lists (or more!). That button is only for creating a new list. Any changes to existing lists are saved immediately without pressing any additional buttons.

The Preferences view got a new hint text pointing users towards the new Filter tool button. A lot of users are complaining about the "missing filters".

When an user account is deleted, data related to that account is now more thoroughly deleted. That includes web stations, alerts, favourites, and so on.

Alert configuration changes should now actually do all the necessary database changes to enable new alarms and disable old ones.

The real-time map should now more reliably draw a symbol on the last point of a track. An old bug sometimes left the last point without a symbol.

When a client computer wakes up in the morning from a good night's sleep mode, the data reload should now be a quick one, instead of a very slow one.

Session cookie processing was also improved, and memcached was upgraded.

Again, it doesn't make sense to take a photo of software, and a blog needs to have some photos, so kittens it is again. This is FIN*Kukkatarhan Bellium, a chocolate-spotted Ocicat, posing in Mikkeli a few weeks back.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ham::APRS::FAP version 1.18

A new version of our APRS packet parser has recently been released on CPAN. It contains new features and bugfixes made by both myself and Tapio, OH2KKU. Here's a list of changes:
  • Added Ham::APRS::IS module - an APRS-IS client library
  • Fixed position resolution calculation for whole degree cases, and added tests
  • Implemented a 'raw_timestamp' option to return undecoded timestamps in all but status packets
  • Added tests for timestamp and status message parsing
  • Added support for new base91 comment telemetry