Monday, October 10, 2011

Embedded map backlinks, API upgrades, speedups and new bat-toys

The embedded map displays a link back to in the low right corner again, as it used to do until July 2010, when switched to Google Maps API v3 and got Street View support. It should be much less annoying than the old ugly box, though. The new link is smaller and slightly transparent (on modern browsers).

I also upgraded to Google Maps API from version 3.4 to version 3.6, which brought in several enhancements and bug fixes. The API has it's own change log. Noticeable changes include fade transitions for map tiles when loading and changing the map type, Street View pegman previews, some speedups, and several bug fixes for iOS and Android.

I have also recently made some database access optimisations making many map displays and some raw packet searches load much faster.

Since 28th of August most, if not all, APRS symbols now have hover-on tooltips. Keep the mouse cursor on top of a station symbol and a description text should magically appear!

And, as you can see from the attached photo, I have some new toys for 70 cm. Built in GPS, text messaging, trunking support, rugged construction, submersible, digital and analog voice, and a few other nice features. And surprisingly inexpensive on ebay, when compared to new amateur HTs with APRS.

Video: Using history lookups

This 1-minute instructional video shows how to do track history lookups on I made it quickly one morning as an answer to a question from an user on APRSSIG.