Sunday, September 23, 2007

Geographic coordinate formatting

It is now possible to select how coordinates are displayed on the site. Three formats are available:
  • Decimal:
    Degrees in decimal: 25.1235° N
  • Deg°Min'Sec":
    Degrees, minutes and seconds as integer values (DMS): 25°51'11" N
  • APRS format:
    Integer degrees with minutes in decimal: 25°51.03' N
The selection can be made in the Options window, as usual. The new default value is Deg°Min'Sec".


Anonymous said...

This is a REALLY NICE feature! Nice web site too! Thank YOU.

You have to make a small correction in the calculation. DECIMAL value is correct. So is the location of displayed stations. But the converted values for the other two formats indicate high by 1 degree. In my case, I compared stations in Ontario, Canada. Compare the raw APRS coordinates with what is displayed using the mouse coordinates when placed over a station.

Hessu said...

Oops. I'll try to get this fixed today.

Hessu said...

Fixed. A stupid little bug in the conversion javascript - the degree part of the coordinates was still rounded up: a decimal coordinate of 2.5 got an integer decimal part of 3 for the converted coordinates. Thanks for reporting this.