Monday, November 5, 2007 is running again

I've now finished loading the backup database dumps, recovering all data before the crash last night, except for the weather history. It seems I'll be able to restore almost all of the weather data too (all of 6 months, except for a small minority of weather stations), but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. The recovery took all of today, since there simply is a lot of data, and I didn't have a hot replica of the database - the recovery had to be done using text dumps of the database. The operations took hours each, so I had good time to go out for a walk, watch a movie, and take part in a local HF contest while waiting for each step to finish. :)

I'll give replication a higher priority, this wasn't much fun as such.

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Hessu said...

The database statistic graphs are now running, too. The stats collection was down overnight, although the service was running.