Monday, February 4, 2008

Terrain maps and fixed rain graphs

I just added the new Terrain map feature of Google Maps, and changed to the hierarchical map type control (thanks VK2HIM). The Hybrid selection has become a "Show labels" selection under the Satellite map type. The terrain map looks very pretty in the mountains, and offers a less cluttered option elsewhere.

The Ham::APRS::FAP APRS parser module had a bug in weather packet parsing - the "last 24 hours" and "since midnight" rain values were mixed. The bug has been fixed in FAP version 1.02, which has now been installed on


Anonymous said...


I like the terrain map, gives a much cleaner view of the maps !


Hessu said...

Yeah, I like them too - makes the view much more readable in some cases!

Anonymous said...

I like it too. It's more readable. PSE correct the portuguese translation of "Show Labels" to "Mostrar etiquetas".

Hessu said...

ct1akv: That translation comes directly from Google, from their localization of the Google Maps service. Could you please contact Google in Portuguese through and ask them to fix it?

doc said...
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doc said...

While debugging some problesm with Safari 3.1 I used the CSS validator and it gave some errors back, could you check them?


Marc / PE2DOC

(url doesn't seem to show wel, maybe run it again)

Hessu said...

I've ran most of the site through the w3c validator before (mostly to get it to work with XHTML mobile devices) and I did a lot of XHTML and CSS syntax fixes back then. Some of the things the w3c validator complains about (like the opacity & moz-opacity things and pseudo-elements) need to be there for compatibility with common browsers (MSIE and older Mozilla/Firefox), so they'll stay there for quite a while.

I'm aiming for maximum browser compatibility (well, ignoring really old and very marginal browsers) instead of maximum compatibility with the W3C validator. If there's a specific problem with Safari, I'd like to know about it. It used to work, although I haven't tried it lately with the most recent versions.