Saturday, April 19, 2008

Little enhancements

Joe, K7JD has been pointing out (for quite a while now) that there's more accuracy in the speed and altitude formats used on than would be appropriate. I've removed the decimal digit from the speed and altitude formatting functions now, since there isn't that much accuracy in the source data anyway.

Max, KG4PID pointed out that the info balloons on the map show really old weather data for stations which have sent even just a couple of WX packets sometime in the last summer. I made a small change to make it only show WX data updated within the past hour.

I've also compressed the big javascript files, so that they will download faster, especially on mobile devices. This process can also be called optimizing, since they will run slightly faster on many browsers, and obfuscating, since they're now much harder to read. Sorry about that.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that, due to the javascript updates, I can't use the pulldownmenu to show older data (past 3, 6 hours, etc)
It gives an error in the script.
Line 84, object expected
Only the points from the last hour are shown.


Hessu said...

Yes, it is indeed possible. I had broken it by accident, although I tried very hard (for a couple weeks) to test that everything still works.

Thanks for the feedback, it's fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Perfect ! It works.
TnX for the fast response, keep up the good work !


ON8AR (node : ON8AR-10, Mobile : ON8AR-9)

Andrew - KE5GDB said...

Would it be possible to create a small embedded version of this that doesn't have the sidebar? I want to try and embed this on a website so we can track somebody on their way to Dayton, but we don't have a very good solution to this.

Thanks a lot for the site. I really prefer this over Findu or those other sites.

Hessu said...

Hm, something like this? Done! :) There's also an earlier blog post about embedding APRS maps.

Andrew - KE5GDB said...

That is EXACTLY what I wanted! Thanks for the reply!