Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ham::APRS::FAP 1.12 released

On monday evening I uploaded the new version of our APRS parser on the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.

Version 1.12 includes a parser for the !DAO! extension, which can be used in uncompressed and mic-e APRS packets to report the datum and an additional digit of position resolution. It also reports the position resolution (in meters) for parsed position packets, depending on the type of the packet (compressed, mic-e, uncompressed), the presence of DAO and the amount of position ambiguity. These improvements were implemented by Tapio, OH2KKU.

I felt an urge to do some slight improvements on it myself before releasing it, and couldn't come with anything that would be both quick to implement and actually useful, so I just added some tests, cleaned up the API and packaging slightly, fixed POD documentation style, upgraded MakeMaker, and added a little example script, just to make CPANTS happier and increase the Kwalitee rating a bit. :)

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