Thursday, September 4, 2008

Slovene / slovenščina translation

S56G has started a translation to Slovenian, which I had missed. I have now enabled the partial translation. If you know Slovenian, or any other language with a missing or partial translation, please help with the translation project. Thank you!


OH6NT said...

Updated the swe translation. The Option window is still in English, 'suppose the text in there is hardcoded or otherwise unavailable..
Cheers, Thomas / OH6NT

Unknown said...

Oh, great! I'll accelerate the works on this. Thanks a lot for publishing the intermediates.
73 de tom*/s56g

Hessu said...

s56g: Sorry it took so long - I had simply missed it. If it takes too long to get it published (more than 3-4 days), send me a note over email, I might have accidentally missed it.

oatpower: The options / preferences window is now translatable, too.

Bryce Wesley Merkl said...

Well, if anyone is going to try and learn Slovenian to help the project, here is a great website to practice on:

Slovenščina wiki browser