Friday, March 20, 2009

Slowdowns caused by maintenance work

I'm doing some changes in the database structures during this Friday evening and Saturday morning, so there might be some slowdowns in the service. In particular, updated data might take a few minutes to be inserted in the database. No data should be lost, though, it'll just be delayed. Thank you for your patience!


Anonymous said...

In my info page (VK1IAN-9), the "Stations which heard VK1IAN-9 directly on radio over the last 48 hours" is not updating.
Most of the stations gating me in are not appearing.
It was working great until a few weeks ago when I noticed only my local gateways and digis were appearing (I am on VHF and HF).
Could this maintenance have caused my problem??
DB0ANF is showing the stations gating me in with no problems.

Hessu said...

Benny: It appears to be working correctly, at least currently. When looking at the raw packets, all of the ones currently stored in the database were either gated via VK1KCM-1 or VK1NPW-1. There are a couple of packets which have been digipeated by VK1RBM-1 and one by VK1RGI-1. This matches exactly with what "Stations which heard VK1IAN-9 directly on radio over the last 48 hours" shows currently.

DB0ANF shows quite a few more digis, but that's because it shows older "last heard" stations, too. only shows over the past 48 hours.

If you think there's still something wrong, please specify which gateway should be shown, and for which raw packet (what UTC timestamp).

Unknown said...

something totaly different ...but searching for help. the info on my call when looked up via is showing info for my old digi station at my house ant 80 feet 40 watts etc.. kj4biz is an aprs iphone do i change the info

Unknown said...

how do I change the info that pops up when you click on my icon on
it is showing the wrong info,info was for an old didgi station i ran a few months that call sign is running as an iPhone mobile aprs rig. is the only one showing the wrong is showing what I beacon from the phone...

thanks in advance
Scott Tyndall

Hessu said... currently caches the PHG (power-height-gain) info for too long time - it never times out if you transmit them at some point.

Before I get to implement the timeout, you can transmit a "PHG0" string in your comment to delete it.