Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Database upgrades

Today I upgraded the slave databases to a new major release of the database engine. I'd like to use some of the new features to increase the performance of the system.

The upgrade itself, and the necessary conversions, wouldn't have caused any outages, since I can tell my software to do queries on another database server while upgrading one (in fact, they will automatically fail over to another server if one is down). But, as usual, there was something I overlooked, and for a few minutes about 50% of the /info/ page requests failed and complained about problems with looking up nearby cities. I had to improve the stored procedures a bit to get them working on the new database engine version.

Please, drop a note in the blog comments, if you notice any other problems.


Anonymous said...

Hi, is a great tool and we apprecaite all the work you do for us..Is there a way to have a maiden head grid square over lay implimented ?

73 Phillip ZL2TZE

Hessu said...

Thanks. I'll put it on the to-do list, but cannot guarantee anything on the schedule, as I have a few other items on the list that are more urgent.

Chris K6DBG said...

Don't know if this is really a new bug, but an oddity.

If you look at the raw packets from, you can see that it is being heard and digi'd at a slow but regular rate. Yet the summary page says it has been heard by 0 sites... what's up with that?

Thanks for all your work!


Hessu said...

Chris: The wording on the info page seems to be wrong. 17 packets have been received, but the "heard by" counters only take APRS position packets into account, and apparently all of the packets were status message packets. I should fix that somehow.