Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New symbols, overlays and FAQ

I'm back from a couple weeks of vacation. Went to the north, visited the northernmost corner of EU and the northernmost corner of mainland Europe. It turned out that there's some APRS coverage in Mager√łya and elsewhere in the northern Norway! None of the interesting animals shown in these travel photos tried to eat me.

I've just installed a new build of the software with a couple of features I've implemented yesterday evening and tonight.

I've regenerated the whole map symbol (icon) set from the Revision H APRS symbols provided by Stephen H. Smith, WA8LMF. The symbols shown by aprs.fi should now match those shown by findu.com, UI-View (with Stephen's symbol files) and other programs running with up-to-date symbols.

Thanks to Stephen for maintaining the symbol tables!

The downside is that the new symbols are a bit smaller than the old ones, and they suffer more from the artifacts caused by rotation (for course/heading display).

The upside is that I've also implemented symbol overlays! For example, OH2RDG now has the letter N overlaid on top of the solid green star, both on the map, in Google Earth, and in the info pages.

There's also a short FAQ page.


LA3QMA said...

"None of the interesting animals shown in these travel photos tried to eat me."

Probably the most dangerous animal was the "porot" hehe

Anyhow tnx for the overlay function :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for symbol update! (I asked originally about on aprssig)

rickn9mjn@yahoo.com said...

thanks for this cool service of tracking APRS. . but i think after this change i have lost the tracking of airplanes & balloons on this link..""http://www.aclog.com/aprs/"",,,............................thanks again rick n9mjn

Hessu said...

Rick: I don't think the aclog site has anything to do with aprs.fi, you'd better check with whoever runs that site. At least the page is not currently showing an embedded aprs.fi map (and embedded maps seem to be working fine).

rick9mjn@aol.com said...

thanks again, i thought the link i posted a sub-link of yours link,that is the reason i sent my question to you..thanks again for your cool link and also all of you hard work keeping it up and working.../rick rick9mjn@aol.com...