Sunday, January 24, 2010

Temporary markers and AIS receiver position uploading

Here's the list of changes in today's upgrade. A few of the smaller bug fixes were already deployed on Friday and Saturday.

You can now drop temporary markers on the map by right-clicking the map and selecting "Add marker". The markers can be moved around, just drag-and-drop.

It's now possible to conveniently upload the position of an AIS receiver. The instructions are on the AIS feeding page, step-by-step instructions, step 8.

At this point you probably figured that the context menu (which opens up on right-click) and the marker feature add a good bit of infrastructure, and can be later used for a bunch of other nice features like object/item uploading and home position marking. Stay tuned.

The Facebook app's canvas page failed to load since a couple weeks. Fixed!

Humidity parsing of h0 (100%) was fixed for normal APRS weather packets. Negative Fahrenheit temperature parsing was fixed in peet bros ULTW packets. These fixes went to the Ham::APRS::FAP svn trunk, and will be included in the next FAP release.

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