Friday, June 4, 2010

Tooltips, center map here, quick refresh, and some bugfixes

Here are a few improvements from the past couple days which were installed this evening:

The top right corner buttons of the real-time map now have hover-on tooltips. The right-click context menu of the real-time map now has a 'center map here' option.

The station info balloon will only pop up automatically in the real-time (and embedded) maps, if the map is at least 300 pixels wide and 260 pixels high. This should keep the tracked station in view even on a small view.

The directional PHG cardioids on the real-time map were fixed, they were broken for a while due to a little bug. Same goes for clicking on the Google Earth KML tracking link when tracking a single station.

The static map positioning was fixed on the info pages with Internet Explorer.

The real-time map refreshes quickly after panning the map, instead of waiting for the regular update timer.

AIS ship callsign display is now more correct in the info balloon (no separate tracking link for the callsign).

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