Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Heard and Gated maps with multiple stations

The 'heard' and 'gated' maps got an upgrade yesterday. They can now plot the combined coverage area of multiple stations. For example:Zoom out to see the whole coverage. The user guide has been updated to reflect the changes.


n6vig said...

Are 'heard' and 'gated' still supposed to work? Doesn't seem to work for me.

Hessu said...

They seem to work nicely for me. Please post a more specific example on the discussion group, specify callsigns, your browser make and version, etc. Describe what you would expect to see, and what you are seeing instead. This is important, since when I view the site with another browser, I may see something completely different.!forum/aprsfi

n6vig said...

I tried again with the callsigns N6VIG, BOXSPG, and N6JCM. Still not working for me, it's like it starts to load and then goes back to my current position. I have tried with Firefox, Chrome, and IE on Win8.1 and with Safari on iPad. See example video here: