Monday, October 18, 2010

KML overlay support

Tonight I implemented KML overlay support in, which have been requested by some users. You can now place any KML file on top of the real-time map, which opens up a great number of possible applications and mash-ups. The feature is used by adding a 'kml' URL parameter to any real-time map view. Please note that the URL must be encoded properly (/ becomes %2F, : becomes %3A).

For example, here's a simple polygon example made by Google, the Pentagon with a Pentagon-shaped overlay: (see the KML file: pentagon.kml)

Here's a KMZ file generated by the Export tool of, stored on another server and overlaid back to

An external KML file can be used to highlight areas of interest (such as SAR search areas), projecting high-altitude balloon track forecasts, and displaying live data generated by other web services with KML output features. The opportunities should generate lots of fun.


Bobby said...

Great feature! Will we have the option of embedding a geo file?

Hessu said...

Bobby: Thanks.

What kind of geo file, there seem to be multiple kinds of them (findu, some geocaching stuff, etc)? Very unlikely, though, unless the Google Maps API supports it directly.