Thursday, April 12, 2012

Telemetry display improvements

After attaching some 1wire temperature sensors to the USB port of my D-Link DIR-825 WLAN router running OpenWRT, and making aprx transmit the temperatures in the new base91 comment telemetry format, I felt like improving the telemetry display on a bit.

Current telemetry values are now shown in the info balloon of a station on the real-time map.

I always thought that many telemetry transmitters are only utilizing a few channels, and the other channels should not be shown. So here goes, now you can configure which channels are shown. If any channel names have been sent using the "PARM." message, only those channels (and bits) are displayed in the current telemetry values summary. If no names have been sent, all 5 analog channels and 8 bits are shown.

The telemetry coefficients transmitted with the EQNS. message now stores 5 decimal digits instead of 3. Base91 comment telemetry supports 13 bits of resolution (values 0 to 8280), which often needs to be scaled down to a range such as -55...+125C for temperature. More decimals in the multiplier and exponent parts help in making it accurate.


trim6 said...

Hello, I apologize, but changes made on 12nd of April caused a difficulties to me.
In telemetry page, I miss the status row with all 8 telemetry bits where the actual bit set on logical 1 was highlighted. Could You return this row back into the telemetry page, please ?
Thanks, Jiri OK1XRV-15

Hessu said...

Jiri, you seem to have transmitted channel names for the 5 analog channels using a PARM. message. Please send the names for the binary channels in that same message (PARM.teplota,napeti,teplota AKU,proud,napeti AKU,bit1,bit2,bit3..,bit8).

The change was to hide unused channels, and it assumes that if you are going to transmit names for any of the channels at all, you're likely to transmit names for all of the channels you're actually using.

trim6 said...

OK,I will try it.Thanks for your explanation.Jiri