Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some email lost during the past weeks

Oops! For a couple weeks about 50% of the emails sent by have been going to the bit bucket due to a broken configuration on one of the servers. These included sign-up email confirmation and password recovery emails. Sorry about that!

The configuration is now fixed, and I've manually triggered a retransmit of the signup emails for the users who've signed up during the time but haven't yet clicked on the confirmation link.


Wireless.Phil said...

No updates since July 2012?

Hessu said...

Yup, I've been mostly working on the aprsc software which was released in September and now runs on 1/3rd of the APRS-IS servers. It's an open-source APRS-IS server written in C. Mostly relevant to APRS-IS server operators only.

I've also written some improvements for, just haven't released them in production yet.

Wireless.Phil said...

Ok, I understand.

However can you answer me this?
I used to see the ships on Lake Eire, but now they do not show-up or rarely show-up.

Marine Traffic shows them, but the drop signal when the ship comes close to shore or heads-up river.
ApRS used to track them partially up the river, but has stopped.

I'm less that 1 mile from the lake and line 90 feet up, but face south instead of north, so I don't have a visual sight on the lake and even if I did, I couldn't see it at night.


Phil Leon N8EUT Ham since mid 70's.

Hessu said...

Probably the AIS receiver over there is not online all the time any more. The receivers are run by volunteers, and there's not much I can do from here to help.

You can set up a receiver yourself to improve coverage.