Saturday, December 22, 2012 upgraded: track tail length adjustable

Kukkatarhan Cissus sings:
"We wish you a merry Christmas!"
I upgraded the service yesterday evening. I rebooted both main servers after upgrading operating system and database components. After that I upgraded the software itself.

It's been a long while since the last significant upgrade. There have been small patches and quiet bug fixes here and there. My excuse is the time I've put into completing and deploying aprsc, a new open-source APRS-IS software written in C together with OH2MQK. It's now in use on about 1/3rd of all APRS-IS servers and appears to work fine.

There is now a separate track tail length drop-down selector on the right side of the map. It's now possible to select "show last positions of all stations in the are for the past 24 hours" but still only show a track tail for the past 30 minutes, for example. Drawing tracks for 24 hours tends to clutter the map a lot and it can also be very slow on many devices.

The old wildcards-on-initial-navigation bug is finally fixed. If you go to* (use a wildcard character, or otherwise multiple stations come up from the initial search) clicking on the callsigns within the popup did not work. Fixed!

Fixed exporting of stations which have transmitted telemetry.

Lots of improvements on Tetra protocol support and closed enterprise service model (not visible on

Improvements in command line tools for service maintenance.

Small performance improvements here and there.

I also upgraded the operating system and database (the usual security fixes and some small performance improvements).

We've got new kittens too. Been taking a lot of kitten photos!


Rick said...

Yay for kittens :

Found since the upgrade, time are shown in EET on the info and raw pages. Previously it showed my local or UTC time depending on setting. Reapplied those settings but still stays as EET.Map view is ok though.

Hessu said...

Rick: Fixed the bug now. Something changed in the environment while upgrading various components, had to take that into account in my code.

Rick said...

Looking good now. Thanks for speedy fix:)