Sunday, October 20, 2013 upgraded on 2013-10-20

Photo unrelated to upgrade! Some floppies we found at the
OH2K club station while cleaning and discarding old stuff.
Quite nostalgic stuff for me.
I just finished upgrading It's been a while since the last full upgrade (a few small patches have been applied in the meanwhile). Here's a summary of the changes:

A fix for Internet Explorer 11. The real-time map view now loads and works on IE11, which has just become available to the general public.

When running on a mobile device (ipad, android tablets, etc), the callsign input form field no longer gets focus automatically during the map load process. It tends to pop up the on-screen keyboard, which is quite annoying. On non-mobile devices the automatic focus still happens, so that you can start typing in a callsign right after opening up the site.

Google Maps API code upgraded to version 3.13. I somehow suddenly get flashbacks from Donald Duck comics. Odd.

Some internal code refactoring was done in the API and authentication code. If all went well, no visible changes to anyone.


Phil said...

Thanks Hessu!
Works now like a charm on my Nexus 10. The keyboard does not pop up any more and the map window does not change anymore.
73 de Philipp, HB9TQJ

Mikey said...

Great news, Any idea if we are going to see a Safari fix for ios?

Hessu said...

Mikey, the Safari issue is an out-of-memory error, which happens when a lot of things are drawn on top of the map. It used to work better, my guess is that Safari or Google Maps API has simply started to eat more memory. The "fix" for that would be to not draw so many things on the map at the same time.

I'm working on a native iOS application which should work much better.

JimGeek said...

Hessu, very objectionable (pornographic) gaming ads are showing semi-continually when I view in web browsers. How much do you charge for allowing me to block them somehow while still being able to view ?
w5aox@arrl dot org