Friday, October 9, 2015

OpenStreetMap available again

Earlier this year was unavailable for a short while after Google disabled Maps API access due to mixed OSM/Google content being visible on the site.

I now spent a couple evenings setting up OSM again in a way that would not interfere with Google's policy of not allowing Google content such as Street View or address search results to be shown on top of non-Google maps. The result of that work is now live on

OpenStreetMap maps are again visible, but Street View buttons and controls are hidden while in OSM mode.

While using OSM, address searches are done by using the GeoNames database. City lookups work quite well, but address searches do not seem to work, at least not for Finland. City/country lookups do not return information on how large the found place is, so zoom level does not adjust automatically to cover the place.


Unknown said...

I really enjoy the openstreetmap. They are more accurate than that google stuff.

Mal said...


Great to see OSM back. Is there an option for OSM in the embedded maps? Currently:-

Initial map type, takes a string value:
'm': Normal map
'k': Satellite view
'h': Hybrid satellite/map
'p': Physical map