Wednesday, August 22, 2007

10 MHz HF APRS in Namibia

Mike OE3MZC, who happens to be the president of the Austrian Amateur Radio Society, is staying in Namibia as V51/OE3MZC, and driving around in a 4-wheel-drive car featuring a 10 MHz HF APRS tracker. His position reports are received by igates in South Africa (1500 km away) and Australia (11000 km, or 7000 miles away)!
I suddenly feel like setting up an 10 MHz igate somewhere.

(found this on the South African Radio League web forum.)


Anonymous said...

I don't see any way to contact you otherwise so I'll try this. I notice the time zone data for my loaction in Alabama USA is wrong. It is showing EDT and it should be CDT. Alabama is in the central time zone. This error makes all the local times show up wrong.

Hessu said...

The timezone guessing is not perfect - sometimes it figures out you're in the timezone of the next country or state.

There are currently two methods of local time conversion - one for the HTML text on the web pages (done on the server side according to the guessing logic), and one which is done by your web browser according to your operating system's timezone setting. If the server-side guess goes wrong, or your computer's settings are incorrect, the Info pages will show different local times than the pop-up balloons in the map!

I will probably try to make the server-side "guessed" local timezone follow your computer's timezone setting. That should be doable, and would allow you to more freely select the right timezone.