Thursday, August 30, 2007

APRS balloon flights this weekend

Mark, N4CMB reports in a blog comment that members of the North Texas Balloon Project are launching flight 15 on Saturday, September 1, 2007 at about 13:30 UTC (8:30 am CDT) from the Hillsboro Municipal Airport (32.0835N 97.0971W). The balloon's APRS tracker callsign is W5SJZ-11. It will carry beacons and a crossband FM repeater. Thanks for the note, Mark!

Ilmari-2007b will fly on Sunday, September 2, 2007 at about 06:00 UTC (09:00 EET+DST) from Sappee, KP21GJ. It's APRS tracker callsign is OH2SIX-11. In addition to the beacons Ilmari carries a crossband linear transponder (much like a satellite: it receives on 144 MHz and transmits on 437 MHz) and an 1282 MHz FM-ATV video transmitter.

Update (Monday 3rd of September): Ilmari 2007b was postponed due to bad weather, but NTBP flight 15 did fly on saturday.

Happy tracking, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

While adjusting/re-installation of my TM-D700 in my company car, a drove a circle in my village. Found your blogger here after that short drive, and would like to tell you of a balloon-flight during the Weinheim VHF/UHF convention last sunday. I dont know how far you can go back in your data, but you might find DL0MTT on its flight. Starting time was around noon. Will inform you next time in advance of this kind of events. vy 73 de Helmut, DG7DXX + OE8SOQ