Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lost: Find 815: Christiane I on APRS

ABC studios, an Australian company called Hoodlum and the creators of the TV series Lost have created an alternative reality game called Find 815, which produces content for fans of Lost during January. The first episode of Season 4 will be aired on January 31st. Lost is pretty popular, and so is the Find 815 game. The game is described in more detail on Lostpedia, a wiki site dedicated to Lost.

The story briefly mentions amateur radio, and involves a ship called Christiane I. The fun part is that Christiane I has an APRS tracker onboard and is now sailing somewhere near the Christmas Island! There has been some speculation whether ABC has actually hired a real ship, which could be tracked using APRS, and a few popular blogs and forums have linked to findu and aprs.fi.

I cannot comment on whether the ship tracker is authentic, although the TCPXX path does mean something to APRS experts.

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Anonymous said...

Using tcp path could also mean they have a satlink and use this to transmit their position.