Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Portuguese translation and a little more colour on the map

CT1AKV spent hours last night and today translating all of the strings to Portuguese! Obrigado!

I spent a couple hours and made the callsign labels on the map change colour depending on the type of the tracking target. APRS items get blue labels, APRS objects get red labels, weather stations get yellow labels and AIS ships now have green labels. Normal APRS stations still have a white label.

The bulletin page now shows empty categories (the "local" category is empty for most of you, since it only shows bulletins and announcements sent by stations within 500 kilometers of your location).


OH6NT said...

Swedish translations now updated with respect to bulletins and messages.

Cheers, OH6NT

Hessu said...

Thanks! I applied the changes last night, soon after.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,
I completed to translate aprs.fi into Turkish language, but I do not know how to put this into service. Will it be done by the site owner?
Any answer is appreceated.

Hessu said...

Thank you for the translation - I have quickly reviewed it and installed it on the production server!

I'm currently manually reviewing all translations, just checking quickly if they make any sense, and then installing them. I'm going to make the installation automatic at some point.