Saturday, July 12, 2008

Balloon flight right now: OH6SIX, Pula-Ilmari IV

It's the last day of the summer camp of the Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL), and the guys there just launched a balloon with an Opentracker 2 and a cross-band FM repeater (145.4 MHz in, 433.4 MHz out). It's now at 5087 meters, going up. There's also a CW/HELL beacon at 28.322 MHz. Track OH6SIX!


Hessu said...

Pula-Ilmari IV has landed close to Suuri-Suolampi (Large Swamp lake), near the town of Kaavi. Maximum altitude was 18 854 meters, 61 857 feet. Search teams are closing in.

Anonymous said...

The payload hit the ground abt. 10m/s speed (twice as fast as planned) due to parasuite failure. However, location beacons survived, and after two hours of muddy work, the SAR team recovered the payload. The Large Swamp Lake was just as bad place as its name implies :-)

Thanks for all participants!