Thursday, July 17, 2008

Static maps

I just did a quick and simple implementation of static APRS maps for mobile browsers and other javascript-challenged or memory-constrained clients. You can now click on static maps in the info view to show a simple map, which does not try to update automatically, or do any other fancy stuff. It should work on just about any mobile phone with XHTML browsing support, or any old browser. The view doesn't support APRS icons, but the icon is shown in the title above the map. It does have zooming, but no panning, and no "view all" mode.

For example, take a look at the position of my motorcycle with APRS.


Dan Dawson said...

Thank you so much for the static maps! And nice implementation for a first version as well! I was just thinking this morning about how useful this would be for certain applications, next thing I knew you had it working!

Too bad my tracker wasn't working in my plane today, guess that gives me more excuses to go fly again soon!


Hessu said...

Thanks, good to know it looks useful. I have some ideas for improvement, so I'll get back to it later and tune it up a little bit.

This should certainly help those with mobile phone XHTML browsers, until I can get the javascript to work properly in all of those.

Phil said...

Works great for my SonyEricsson P1i mobile phone. The Opera browser that is installed on it cannot show the normal maps. But this is quite as good on the small screen.

Thanks a lot for that!
73 de Philipp, HB9TQJ

Anonymous said...

I agree that this works great. I was on holiday in France and installed APRS in the hire car. It was good to check the maps on my standard Nokia mobile phone to check things were working. Well done!

Steve M0BPQ