Sunday, December 21, 2008

iPhone and iPod Touch fixes

Google has recently fixed a couple of bugs in the Google Maps API code, and both map controls and events have suddenly started working using the iPhone web browser. I've put them back in now, and the real-time APRS map is suddenly much more functional. Thanks for the little Christmas present, Google!

Look for me on HF digital modes during the Christmas holidays, I'm trying to be active from a few countryside locations.


Unknown said...

I got my wife an iPhone for Anniversary/Christmas/Birthday. Sometime when she isn't looking, I'll try to spend a few minutes checking out the website.

Phil said...

Hi Hessu,
Merry Christmas Happy New Year. Many thanks for your efforts.

Is there room for a couple more suggestions.

1 Add directional PHG indicator

2 Add Digi only to show digi's within a 160 K range.

Hessu said...

Phil: Directional PHG indication has now been implemented.

I'll try to get station class based (digi / igate / user / mobile) filtering implemented in the near future!

Ernst said...

Maps now look good and zoomable on iPod touch! Thanks for the great site!!! Its fantastic! 73 Ernst HB9PVI