Monday, December 29, 2008

Ruler and reverse geocoding

While I'm up to speed, here are a few more late Christmas presents!

There's a new ruler tool, which is enabled using the compass icon, which can now be found just below the PHG circle icon. The ruler calculates great circle distance and direction between two points. Multiple rulers can be added by clicking on the compass icon again. Clicking on a ruler endpoint marker will reveal the coordinates and address of the marker position.

Furthermore, after clicking on any target on the map, an address will be shown, if possible. The address is obtained using Google's reverse geocoding service. The service may or may not be available in your area, and the data is received with a small delay after the info balloon is first opened.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I do not find the adress as a comment for a good thing.
1) many mistakes in adresses
2) it is crazy idea
I do not agree with a publishing of my adress on this server
Milan, OK2IMH

Joe Dubner said...

Yeah, I agree with Anonymous (a.k.a. OK2IMH :-) in that I don't find the reverse geocoding to be useful. It's just "eye-candy" or visual clutter, obscures more of the map, and slows down the availability of the data as it seems to be displayed twice, once without the address and then with it a short time later. And it's often (usually) wrong.

There's an old addage in the South (US):
Q: Why does a dog lick his balls?
A. Because he can.

73, Joe, K7JD

Anonymous said...

I can't agree that finding any station's address. It is very serious problem.
Because, many illegal stations exist in my country. Legal stations(i.e. APRS I-GATE stations) may be expose to interference from illegal stations. And, any APRS operating amateur radio stations have fear that they are implicated in act of violence from especially brutal illegal stations.
I have shame for these situations, but it is present situation around amateur radio operation on 2m in Japan.

kacos2000 said...

Happy New Year :)

Hessu said...

Hi guys,

Yup, the addresses often seem to be quite approximate. They do add clutter and can slow things down, so I think I'll make it optional.

I do not understand how this would pose an additional security or privacy risk. If you're advertising your exact position using APRS, anyone can receive it, and find you based on the exact coordinates. Adding an approximate address does not tell the attacker anything more, since he can also zoom in on the map and see the address written on the street. If you wish to be safe, do not transmit your position, or reduce the accuracy using the APRS ambiguity feature.

MikeV said...

... and then use of the position ambiguity as you mention just makes the address display even more useless.

It seems to be fairly accurate here in the US (it's got my address down as far as it can; the only thing missing is my condo number!) While I personally don't have an issue with it - you can get my home address by looking up my callsign anyway - I can certainly see why some would take issue with the reverse geocoding.

Anonymous said...

I also do not agree with the publishing of addresses on this server. Please remove.

Anonymous said...

Although I can not see much use of the adress information, I really do not understand why some people are happy to publish their exact position to the world, but object to having the adress for the same position listed?? This information is readily availabe anyway.