Monday, January 12, 2009

Technical details: what's behind the scenes

Some of you might be interested in knowing what runs on top of, so here's some technical information about the technology, design and implementation of my little APRS site.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your great work. Can I translated the page into Japanese and publish it on my page?


Bob said...

i seem not to be able to track my call over several days. i took my mobile handheld to the beach on my bike yesterday. looking at the list of 63 points up to 6 months does not reveal anything. what am i doing wrong.

Anonymous said...

Great work!
This design of the it-solution surely confirms my previous feeling of looking at a professional designed system (not only web-page ;-)).

I admire the time and resources you lay down in your "hobby" - thank you very much for giving me such a helpful tool for my hobby: Just playing around with a couple of trackers to see where my dog and yacht are :-).

Again; many thanks!!

Odd Erik, LA5OEA

Hessu said...

JA7UDE: If you translate the page, please provide a link to the original page, and specify the date when the translation was updated. I will update the page every now and then, and your local copy might get outdated. In theory I could make this page translatable, but I'm afraid a some of the technical details could be incorrectly translated.

Bob: Please specify the callsign of your handheld APRS tracker so that I can take a look at the raw packets?

LA5OEA: Thank you. I've been working with, and developing, similar systems for a living for about 10 years, and I'm trying to take a professional approach here, too. The solution is probably better than some similar systems which have been developed commercially, since I'm not so bound by commercial interests. :)