Monday, February 2, 2009

Deleting old PHG data

You can now delete your PHG circle by sending the PHG extensions with zero power, zero gain: 'PHG0000'. Some users have been testing PHG with their mobile station's callsign, and need to hide the old circle after finishing with the testing.

If you simply stop transmitting the PHG data, it will still be present in the database. There are a bunch of digipeaters using multiple different comment texts in a round-robin fashion, and some of them only transmit the PHG extension once per three position packets. So, if I'd delete the PHG data from the database whenever the PHG extension is missing, those digis would only be shown with a PHG circle 1/3rd of the time.


Mike said...
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Mike said...

Is there a way to delete a callsign that was inadvertently added to the database in lowercase letters?

Anonymous said...

Have to put PHG00000 with five zero otherwise not work.
That was in my case...

VE9MHZ/VE3XID said...

PHG0000 works just fine for me, Thank You!

I also made a mistake with my callsign in UI-View32 about one month ago and it was deleted recently from the info pages without any intervention on my part.

Keep up the Good Work!

Jim Dixon
Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada