Sunday, February 15, 2009

A little outage in APRS data collection

While I was at the hosting site adding memory to the second frontend today, I also did maintenance on the Sun Enterprise 4500 server which hosts (the Tier 2 APRS-IS server which uses as the data source) and the backup database. So I configured the primary server to connect to another APRS-IS server while was down, but made a mistake in the configuration, so the APRS-IS data collection broke. I didn't notice the alarms which it triggered, because I was working hard with the memory upgrade and the Sun reboot.

As a result, didn't collect APRS data between 11:35:43 UTC and 14:21:13 UTC. Sorry about that, I'll try to be more careful next time.

The memory upgrade itself went fine. The server should perform quite well for a while now.


Anonymous said...


Noticed that there have been no comment so far...Do not think that it is because we do not appreciate what you you are doing! WE DO! :-)
(the reason I have not left any comments earlier, is that I have no idea what you are doing ;-), but it seems to work!


Erwin (ON8AR) said...

You 're doing a great job.
Sometimes it happens that things don't go as planned.
It's a hobby for al of us, and no one's life depends on it :)
I know, I'm a Sytem admin also :)

Keep up the good work !

Anonymous said... seems to be very intermittent today, other tracker sites seem to work still.
Hopefully it's not some variant of the conflicker virus.....
Jim W5AOX (really addicted to