Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ham::APRS::FAP 1.13 released

Version 1.13 of Ham::APRS::FAP was uploaded to CPAN today. The tests seem to be passing nicely, and the code has been running on for a long while, so the upgrade should be safe.

Ham::APRS::FAP is the APRS packet parser used by If you wish to decode APRS packets in Perl, this is what you need. It's pretty fast, it's stable, and it can report it's errors in a developer-friendly way. And it's free (as in free speech).

Version 1.13 contains the following small fixes:
  • Allow anyone to update telemetry parameters, skip the source callsign check
  • Allow a PHG of 0000 for deleting PHG
  • Added new error code sym_inv_table for invalid symbol table char
  • Added local time zone parsing to object timestamps
  • Fixed comments parsing for last resort !-location packets
  • Parse APRS message rejects (negative acknowledgments)
Some of the improvements were implemented by Tapio, OH2KKU, while others were done by myself.

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