Sunday, November 22, 2009

Silja Europa steering & comments

Silja Europa (live position), a rather large passenger ferry (photos), has some steering issues, and is currently doing circles near Åland. News in Finnish:, There are 1659 people onboard, but there is no immediate danger, since the ship can still steer using the propellers, although in a rather coarse manner.

Another small bit of news is that I've disabled anonymous commenting on this blog due to comment spam - I'm getting tired of manually deleting all the spam. From now on, you'll need a Google account to comment, or an account on one of the supported OpenID-enabled services. Sorry for the trouble.

During the last couple weeks I've been working on making the service UTF-8 clean for proper universal text messaging. It almost works in my testing installation, but there are still some quirks I need to clean up.

I've also installed a new database replica server at another physical site in downtown Helsinki, so that I'm able to bring the service alive without significant data loss in case of a complete hosting site loss (fire, flooding, extended network outage). The main servers are located in Espoo, Finland.


Toni said...

On your credits-page, the link for "Justin McAllister, K5EM" is leading to a rather spammy site.

Hessu said...

Oh. Thanks for the note, seems like the domain has expired and been taken over. I've removed the link in my development tree, it'll be gone in the next production upgrade.