Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CWOP, Traffic view and Service status, and More

Since CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program) users moved to their own IS server pool, has not collected weather data from them. I've connected to the CWOP servers to collect that data again, and the CW* stations should now show up. If you don't wish to see them on the map, you can always hide the WX stations in the Preferences.

Several users have also requested that support for the Google Maps Traffic would be added. It's there now, along with a couple of other popular overlays behind the More button. The traffic data is collected using crowdsourcing methods (Google's view), so it's available on those roads where people use Google Maps to navigate (excluding iPhone users).

The heard and gated maps have also been fixed a bit, they no longer load all the other stations in the view. That was a stupid bug on my part. These views have also received some technical improvements and speedups. As a side-effect I erased the 48-hour history tables, so those views (and the "heard by" tables in the info pages) will be a bit empty for the next day or two. Sorry about that.

The info pages now show symbols together with the callsigns in the tables. Hmm, sorting by symbol doesn't seem to work, though.

There's also a new service status view.


Unknown said...

I'm curious to know where you're getting the CWOP feed - I couldn't manage to find anything a couple of months ago. I'd like to be able to put the local TCP weather onto RF via an igate if that can be done...

73 de chris K6DBG

Hessu said...


The CWOP feed is available on the CWOP servers (three of them are up now). The full feed listed actually only contains data from a single server, though.

Unknown said...

Cool, thanks. Do they support range filters?


Unknown said...

"Do they support range filters?"

No, and it's a real problem. If anyone knows a CWOP feed that does support range filters, it would be much appreciated.