Sunday, December 6, 2009

Maintenance break on Saturday 5th of December

On Saturday, roughly between 18 and 19 UTC, I upgraded operating system components and installed security patches. These upgrades required taking the service down for some time, and even data collection was affected for a short while. Sorry for the trouble!

Before the reboot, the master server had an uptime of 681 days. Thanks go to the UPS and the diesel generator - there have been a few small power outages in Espoo during that time.

In the near future I'll be installing a new master server for, the hardware is already waiting for the OS installation in the basement.

I've also bought an 80 GB Intel X25-M SATA solid-state drive (SSD), a very quick flash-based hard disk-like device. The amount of disk I/O operations is starting to become an issue on, so I'm going to try moving the busiest database tables (which are also the smaller ones) on SSD. We'll see how that improves things! It might even allow me to implement some new features (which require additional I/O capacity).


Sherif AbouZeid said...

not working and vsl positions remain the same since the 3rd of Dec...!!?

Hessu said...


Could you please describe in more exact terms, what is not working? Which vessels, where?

JDogg said...

Appears that the AIS feed has stopped working. I show no current vessels in the Miami, USA area. There is actvity at


kostmos said...

I'm sorry to say but not working and vsl positions remain the same since the 29 Nov...!!?
Ship's call 5bsl2.

Hessu said...

kostmos: 5bsl2 was last seen near Auckland, New Zealand. We are still getting AIS data from that area, the ship seems to be simply out of range. It's not near one of the AIS receivers which are feeding We only have receivers here and there.

The receiver in Auckland only covers about 50 km from Auckland.

JDogg, the feed from Miami does seem to be down.