Thursday, September 2, 2010

IE6 and IE7 broken for a day

Sorry, I broke the real-time map yesterday for the users of Internet Explorer 6 and 7. It did work using IE8 and all other browsers. Fixed this morning.

My excuse is that my home vmware installation, which I use for running IE6 and IE7, was somehow broken, so I didn't test those browsers.

Thanks to Phillip ZL2TZE for bringing this to my attention.


Unknown said...

People still use IE6 and 7?

Hessu said...

Out of the 47% of visits made using IE, 19% are IE7 and 10% IE6. It's quite a few visitors, after all, some 5% IE6 out of the total visits. Very unfortunate.

Maybe I'll implement IE6 No More integration at some point for IE6 users.

Have you run Google Analytics on your sites?