Tuesday, September 7, 2010

IE6 no more.

Users of Internet Explorer 6 get to see, since yesterday evening, a slightly annoying popup telling them to upgrade to one of the more modern browsers. The popup is shown on the live map page, and can be hidden by clicking a little 'x' button in the corner.

The concept, graphics and layout come from the IE6 no more site. It also addresses corporate users who cannot upgrade their own browsers. Believe me, I know your pain, I also have a corporate IT supported laptop at work. Luckily they offer a recent Firefox, too. Supporting IE6 is simply too much of a pain in the arse, it generates way too much extra work for me. I'd rather use that time for developing something new.

Besides, Google has dropped IE6 from the list of supported browsers, too, for Google Maps API v3 and some other products. It will stop working sooner or later, so at least the users should be warned.


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