Saturday, June 4, 2011

New map viewers record

Yesterday afternoon made a new record: there were well over 3000 users viewing the real-time map at the same time. Almost all of them were displaying the embedded map on the Copenhagen Suborbitals Launch Campaign June 2011 page. The guys built a rocket, capable of taking 1 man to the edge of the space, and did their first successful test flight yesterday. Awesome.

The launch campaing page's embedded APRS map shows the position of the Sputnik launch platform. The platform hosts a custom APRS tracker designed and built by OZ1EKD and OZ7HVO.

I was happy to see that did well with the larger amount of visitors. They were all looking at the same station, and the caching worked well - the database really didn't get any additional queries due to the amount of viewers. I was able to find some spots where additional optimization would be useful and could take down the CPU usage of the web service considerably. Here are some graphs from one of the two servers:

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