Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Map of the APRS-IS

Have you ever wondered what the APRS-IS looks like? Well, here you go (click on the link, 1.2 megabytes, 3154 x 3072 PNG image):

Map of the APRS-IS

  • Servers with less than 5 clients are not shown.
  • Only servers running javAPRSSrvr are shown.
  • Darker colour indicates more clients connected.
  • Green servers are core servers, orange ones are T2 hubs, red ones have a T2* name (most of them belong to the Tier2 network), purple ones are WXQA servers, the rest of them are blue.
  • Inter-server links between hubs and core servers are blue, the rest of the links are green.
Another project I'm working on: we've got 6 ocicat kittens!  I've set up a live kitten camera. Cheap Chinese webcam (foscam) + ffmpeg + ffserver does the trick.


    fabifri said... server's listed :-)

    Oba JA7UDE said...

    Cool. Are you using graphviz?

    Hessu said...

    Oba: Yes, neato. I'm not sure if the map is useful at all, but it's somewhat cool. Maybe someone comes up with a more useful angle to it.