Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Partial network outage, July 5 - July 6 suffered a partial network outage last night (July 5 21.37 UTC - July 6 5.03 UTC). A gigabit Internet uplink was lost for the duration of maintenance by an ISP and the alternative path didn't quite provide all of the Internet's routes over BGP. Investigation continues.

The outage caused trouble for many to view the site, and some APRS data collection problems. The stats page gives a hint of the scale of the problem:

About 50% of the viewers disappeared. It would seem like regular APRS-IS data was collected just fine, but some CWOP data was lost. There are a lot of alternative routes that the data collector can take to get to the APRS-IS, and that seemed to work.

Sorry for the trouble.

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