Monday, June 24, 2013

Join Amateur Radio on Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is the latest internet gizmo at the crossroads of a forum, a wiki, a blog and a poll. The end result is a question and answer site which is much more qualitative and easier to search than any ordinary internet forum. Programmers and system managers may know it from the well-established Stack Overflow. In contrast, the amateur radio section is still at its infancy. It resides as a recreational topic in a staging area inauspiciously called “Area 51.”

Here is where things get serious and where your help is needed. Stack Exchange will not open a new Q&A site until they are absolutely sure that a critical mass of members will commit to actively participating. They are quite categorical about it and the vetting process is ruthless. “Area 51” is literally scattered with the mutilated remains of Q&A sites that were once to be. Yet, the amateur community at large cannot afford to miss out on this unique opportunity! This is why we need you to be part of the group of pioneers who started the Amateur Radio Stack Exchange site by following this link and commit!

Text by Serge Y. Stroobandt, ON4AA, CC BY 3.0

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