Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Presentation at Ham Radio 2013, Friedrichshafen

I've prepared a presentation for the Ham Radio 2013 event taking place this weekend in Friedrichshafen. The title of the presentation is "Providing authenticated amateur radio services on the Internet", and it'll be held at Conference Center East, room Paris, at 14:00. Same time and place as last year!

How can we provide Internet services restricted to amateur radio users with reasonable guarantee that non-hams do not gain access to the services, without an awful lot of manual work by the service provider and mailing license copies for every service? Current practices, alternatives, a proposal for better future implementation of distributed trust using X.509 certificates, and a demonstration of an implementation for a web service.

If you're an user of authenticated amateur radio web services such as the APRS-IS network, or Echolink, or Logbook of the World, this should be interesting. If you're developing a service like this, or would like to develop one, it should be especially interesting.

There's a catch, though. Due to a surprising event I won't be able to fly to Germany myself this weekend. Fortunately Erik Finskas, OH2LAK, has agreed to act as a proxy and present my material there! Not a bad deal, since he happens to be a seasoned professional in the right field, and has applied the presented technology both at work and in the linked UHF repeater network in Finland.


Steve said...

I'd be interested in reading any papers or if there is a video on this.

Marcelo Imperiali said...

Excellent! I do some presentations sometimes at the Radio Club to encourage new hams to do APRS and other digital modes too. However, I must take some time to make a decent presentation in Powerpoint or similar (I print some info, and use a blackboard to do graphics)