Monday, August 20, 2007

Gliders in Sweden

APRS trackers have been installed in a bunch of gliders (or sailplanes) in Sweden. They seem to fly around Eskilstuna, and belong to Eskilstuna Flygklubb. Their APRS callsigns follow the callsigns of the airplanes, with the "-" removed (APRS callsign SEUUU belongs to the SE-UUU aircraft). I wonder what frequency they're using, and if they're doing this with an amateur license... but it's very cool indeed.
And the list goes on...

I'm sure a good busy flying day looks very cool on Google Earth.


Anonymous said...

Hi.I'm the "crook"! :-)
No, seriously, we have an amateur radio section in our flying club, Uppsala Flying Club. We have a club call sign, SA5UF, that is included in every status message we send. So it's transmitted at least every 4 to 6 minutes. We have checked with the ARPS responsible in SSA (Sveriges SändarmAmatörer) and he is OK with the mode we operate. In the US, they call it "Tactical call sign", and it is OK as long as the real call sign is transmitted at least every 10 minutes.
I hope everyone thinks it is a cool application of APRS!
73 de Rikard/SM0JWX
Responsible for the application

Hessu said...

Ah, this is very cool indeed! Thanks for the info. Do you have any photos of the radio & antenna installations on the gliders?

I've always been interested in aviation. I did skydiving for a couple years (some 70 jumps only), and have been thinking about going to a gliding or engine-powered flying course some day.

Anonymous said...

I will try to post some pictures. In my glider, I have the PocketTracker. the "Altoid Mint Can". It's mounted on the cockpit wall, just behind my left shoulder.
73 de SM0JWX/Rikard

Anonymous said...

Here are some pictures, me in my cockpit and the tracker on the left wall just behind my left shoulder.
73 de SM0JWX

Anonymous said...

No pictures... How do I upload? Or if you give me your email, I can send some pictures.