Thursday, August 7, 2008

7-day track views

I've just added code to show up to 7 days of track data on the map when looking at a single tracking target. Thanks to Steve, K9DCI on the APRSSIG for reminding me about this. :) This only works for single target views, since longer time range searches for global data would place a heavy load on both the database, as well as the web browser.

Showing the track wasn't hard. As usual, getting the user interface to work on MSIE was. Found out the hard way that the disabled attribute isn't working on the select list used for time range selection, so I had to resort to completely removing entries which are not usable.

Update on Friday, 8th of August: I just realized it doesn't work with the date selection menu - I will fix that one later.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice !!

Hessu said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This upgrade has made your site much more useful. Thanks for your effort.

Joseph B said...

Thanks heaps, that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

seems the 7 days thing doesnt work

I am trying to see on one page the 3 days track I did with my sailboat OD5RW-5

Still not working

any ideas ?

OD5RW, John

Anonymous said...

How can I link to AIS stream to APRS.FI ?

John, OD5RW

Joseph B said...

Yeah same here in Safari or Firefox3, when you change the time range nothing happens.

OD5RW you can see your 3 day track here:

Joseph B said...

AIS Sites are listed here:

Maybe there is one close to you?

Anonymous said...

Yes... it works great in MSIE.. Shame it won't work under FireFox 3. I've allowed under NoScript, but the track won't show for anything over an hour.. it just sits on "updating" forever.

Is there a workaround for this?

Hessu said...

Hi guys,

As detailed in a previous post, Firefox 3 has a bug which breaks it with It seems that this bug is more easily triggered with large AJAX JavaScript transactions, which happen more easily with long track displays.

Please downgrade to Firefox 2, or use Safari/Opera/MSIE. By the way, Safari seems to currently have the fastest JavaScript implementation, runs very, very fast with it.

Hessu said...

I might have been able to fix this on by changing the way the AJAX code parses XML responses. Please let me know how if it works for you!