Friday, August 29, 2008

iPhone working (slightly)

iPhone support seems to be working slightly better now, but there are still some issues. They can be partially in Google's Maps API code, and partially in Apple's Safari code, and the fixes need to be done there.

There are bug reports in Google's bug tracker for the issues (I filed a couple, and there are a couple more submitted by others). I'm hoping that the good people at Google will fix them, or persuade Apple to fix their bugs.
Thanks go to Rasmus (a colleague at the $office) for borrowing his iPod Touch for a couple hours. If one of you happens to have a spare unit, you can find my address at :)

Update: I have obtained an iPod Touch for debugging, and enhanced iPhone support for APRS!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to work on this!

W6DTW said...

Quick question: I'm using a Blackberry to view static maps. How can I set preferences for static maps to be imperial/Fahrenheit units and local time zone.