Sunday, August 24, 2008

Firefox 3 bug workaround, try 2

I've just installed an updated version of my AJAX JavaScript code on It seems to work better for me on Firefox 3 - the live map no longer gets stuck in the 'updating' state once there are too many targets visible, or a very long track line.

Please let me know if this change fixes this bug for you by posting a comment after this post. I hope it didn't break any other browsers - I tried the usual FF2/FF3, MSIE6/7, Opera, Safari, Konqueror.


Anonymous said...

It seems to work better for me now, thanks for the fix!

Anonymous said...

I had been using an add-on which allows FF to use the IE rendering engine. Now, I have been able to go back to FF.


Anonymous said...

YES! Thank you! It works FB.

73 de AI8W, Chris

vk2him said...


There seems to be a problem with the google API function
map.addControl(new GOverviewMapControl());

that is affecting some people as described in the following page:-

The fix is to simply change the v=2 in the API key to v=2.115 as described in the above page.

I'm wondering if you may be able to also make this change as I'm unable to use APRS.FI at the moment which is quite annoying :-)
Ian vk2him

vk2him said...

The url didn't work .. so I have spread it over a few lines

Anonymous said...

Works for me. Tnx


doc said...

Much better now! Only thing missing now is iPhone support. For some reason it displays only the call, no map, nothing. It will display the info page if clicked on it. seems to work, but I like the layout better


(will do iphone testing if wanted)

Anonymous said...

Yup, also fixed things for me, way more usable now. Don't have to keep going to Safari to view the site :)

Hessu said...

I'll have to see about the iPhone issue, I'll try to borrow a touch from a colleague for a day. It used to work, more or less, but it's a bit hard to keep it working when I don't have the device to test with. Marc, does it give any useful error messages about what is going wrong?

I'll do separate debugging with VK2HIM - is anyone else seeing the same problem?

Anonymous said...

thanks ... works again for me!

Bob said...

Pleasant surprise. It looks good on Foxfire 3, so I'll try to break it.

SCV said...

So far it works. Will do more testing.

Anonymous said...

All you get is see on the iPhone is a search box in the left top corner and a hyperlink to info and log out. No map is seen when you search. Just a blank white screen.

Hessu said...

iPhone users, would you mind trying again now, if it has improved? Nokia's S60 3rd edition browser still crashes for me (probably runs out of memory), but at least Opera Mini shows some kind of map now.

If it still fails, you could try enabling Javascript debugging in the MobileSafari browser settings - that should give you some kind of Javascript console, which might give useful error messages, which in turn could, maybe, help me debug the problem.

Anonymous said...

Works good now, FF3 on Viste & Ubuntu, thanks a lot !
Now i don't have to use IE anymore :)