Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OH7LZB interviewed in the Japanese CQ ham radio magazine

Oba, JA7UDE interviewed me for the Japanese CQ ham radio magazine. The interview was published in the 2008/9 edition, which came out last week (list of contents, PDF). They've previously interviewed other software authors and APRS people, including Byon Garrabrant, N6BG (Byonics/TinyTrak) and Simon Brown, HB9DRV (Ham Radio Deluxe).

He mailed me a couple of the older magazines, and they seem really nice - there is so much technical content in there, and so few ads in comparison. Lots of long "how-does-this-stuff-work" articles with friendly and funny illustrations, and plenty of "how-do-I-build-this" articles. They're thick (around 150 pages), and unlike some other ham magazines, they're not half full of advertisements. Too bad I can't read Japanese. The schematics and pictures are almost enough to complete some of the projects, though.

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Compliments for the good job ...

73 Fabio