Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ham::APRS::FAP 1.15 released

Version 1.15 of Ham::APRS::FAP, the APRS packet parser module used by, was uploaded to CPAN yesterday evening. It should appear on mirrors today. This update contains all the changes implemented since November 2009.

Like most of you know by now, the parser is released in Open Source terms (GPL or Artistic license, like most of Perl) so that others can freely use it to implement APRS systems. I believe it is the most complete APRS decoder available as open source.

Here's the change log:

1.14 Tue May 4 20:31:33 EEST 2010 - Hessu, OH7LZB
  • Fixed humidity parsing, h0 means 100%
  • Fixed peet bros $ULTW packet parsing, integers are signed (not unsigned), negative fahrenheit temperatures are now correctly parsed (and converted to Celsius)
  • Parse comment from end of weather reports - if it's short enough treat it as the wx station/software type string
  • Parse weather data sent after a compressed position
  • Parse snowfall from normal wx packet
  • Added test for positionless wx packets
  • Added position packet format in hash ('format' => 'compressed')
1.15 Tue May 4 20:44:31 EEST 2010 - Hessu, OH7LZB
  • Added a couple of missing tests and 'format' => 'nmea'