Thursday, May 6, 2010

KP4AO Arecibo Observatory EME reception using a 10-element yagi

This is old news, but anyway... I've just forgotten to upload the videos from my iphone.

On Sunday, 24th of April, I received CW and JT65B transmissions from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Reflected via the moon (EME, Earth-Moon-Earth). Using a very small directional antenna - a 10-element yagi, a scanner-type receiver (Icom IC-R2500) and a small but good preamplifier at the antenna.

To get a good view of the moon we drove to the side of a nearby field with OH2GEK. He even tried to get a two-way contact with the Arecibo station using his TS-2000 and a longer yagi.

Here's a video of the KP4AO CW reception:

And here's one of the JT65B digital signals:

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