Thursday, May 6, 2010

Problem and Solution

This, my friends, is a problem.

And here, my friends, arrives the solution:

Well packaged.

4 units of 1 terabytes each. After RAID10, that's a nice 2 TB of storage for

This is just for the backups. I'll need to get 4 more of these within a couple of months to upgrade the live servers.

Thanks go to an anonymous Finnish site user for the donation of 2 disks (and organizing delivery in 26 hours), and all other donors for the other two!


Eduardo Jezierski said...

Hey there! Great work. Have you considered moving APRS.FI to a cloud based hosting environment such as Amazon EC2? I think it may improve the perf and availability of the site drastically, while decreasing the costs. Feel free to contact me if you are curious how to. edjez -at instedd -dot org.

I am also thinking of integrating our mobile team collaboration tool (InSTEDD GeoChat) with APRS, and would love to learn about/contribute an API to APRS.FI if appropriate, or get some suggestions/guidance from you about to how to do this. Cheers!

Keep up the good work.

Hessu said...

I have looked at Amazon EC2, and did the math based on my hardware requirements. It's quite a bit more expensive than my current solution, which is already good enough in the availability and performance department. I might use it in case I need to quickly scale up and don't have the time to get and install the hardware, since on EC2 you can get a Lot of servers online Very Quickly, but in the long term it's simply not cheap enough.

Scaling up takes some work and money, but the technical problems are quite interesting, so I don't mind.

Take a look at the API, maybe it already does some of the things you need.